Friday, 19 March 2010

Tea time

I love tea - which is one of the reasons I love this website.

However on a separate note I think it provides a great source of inspiration. Gorgeous, clever, colourful designs can get your brain ticking with wonderful ideas for your big day.

As a quirky alternative to bunting, why not pin a few of these to some rope and peg the towels along? Another suggestion would be to cheer up your loos by adding a few of these fabulous fabrics.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Finger-licking good

How about this adorable idea?
Ask a clever friend to sketch a picture of a great big tree, then get your mates to dip their fingers in ink and decorate for you. Just lovely.

ps, if you don't have any clever arty buddies, then tracing paper should easily do the job!

Spring time

I've been getting very inspired by fresh springtime looks this week.
Blue with pink, yellow or green. All picture perfect.

What's new pussycat

Check our Kitty Coopers cute shoes.
Lots of ideas for fun brides and maids x