Monday, 20 December 2010

Real Wedding: Katy and Andy

We love Katy. What a super wedding at Chorlton Victoria Baths.
All pom poms were hand made by Katy and her mum.

Friday, 10 December 2010

All about compromise

I believe this is a visual aid to how to enjoy a successful marriage.
i.e. Celebrate your florals and bunting, but let him have the A-Team pillows.

Rather wonderful Rocky Road

This cannot be beaten, right?
The recipe kinda follows Delia's Chocolate Sponge but with added extras including cherries, biscuit and marshmallows.
Decorate with sticks, fabric and bunting.
It's the small things that makes us smile.

Wedding Quilt

An adorable way to capture all your wedding memories.
The below was made from a lot of lovely hens who each gave a sentimental piece of fabric to the chief bridesmaid. Scraps included old school uniform, sports kit, wedding bunting, dress fabrics along with colourful napkins that they thought she would love.
Anyone wanting to create something similar should collect all the pieces and take to a local seamstress. It's actually a really cost effective way of creating a super memorable gift.

Autumn confetti

These make me happy.
Perhaps they could inspire some creative confetti or place names.

What you would need is some very lovely friends to lend you a hand!

Clipboard fun

This lovely little picture inspired an idea for an original table plan.
Grab yourself a stack of basic clipboards from the likes of WH Smiths and decorate with pretty decorative paper, or even free wallpaper samples.
Start by making a template, trace the shape of the board onto a piece of thick card. Then brush some glue onto the clipboard making sure you have an even layer. Finish by affixing the paper and smoothing out any air bubbles.
Write guest names on pretty paper or fabric and clip to the board.

Fingerlicking good

How fabulous are these!?
Created by Australian stationary shop, Upon a Fold, we think these ice cream note cards are a strike of genius.
Crafty brides can get creative using the same concept to make invites for a lovely summer wedding. Ice cream sticks can be bought super cheap in Paperchase or Hobbycraft.
Find more inspiration here.

Love Birds

We're on shopping mode this week at FB.
Look at these charming love bird rings we spotted at Marc Jacobs.
A super sweet gift for a wonderful bridesmaid don't you think?
Price: £85

London Love

We adore these quirky sketches from Jack Noel at Sweet View.
Capturing scenes from London, these would make a perfect gift for a special person.
Prices from £28.