Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Some pretties

Just a small selection of pretty bits that have made me smile today....

How sweet is the mint coloured tuk tuk. You may not be able to actually see out of the window to drive... but hey, it looks cute!
I love a banner and particularly like it when they are used to announce certain parts of the wedding day. 'Here comes the Bride' (as above), 'First Dance'... 'Cut the cake' etc etc

Gorgeous little bouquet which would make the perfect accessory for lovely bridesmaids. Cheap and super cheerful.

I adore fabric wrapping and the above shows just how effective you can make a simple gift with some pretty material. Enclosed is just a simple bar of Galaxy... these could made scrumptious favours...

I know I'm a bit crazy for cake toppers.... but couldn't resist... so sweet xx