Monday, 20 September 2010

Homemade confetti cones

With thanks to SMP, here's a how-to for making your own handmade confetti cones.
Obviously feel free to experiment with various papers and pretty extras.

Step by step:
Step 1: Cut 5 x 5 square of card. has some great varieties
Step 2: Tape the right corner with small piece of double sided tape
Step 3: Roll to form cone & secure with the tape
Step 4: Punch hole at the top to add your little note or accessory
Step 5: Fill with dried flowers
Step 6: Write your chosen phrase several times (approximately 1/2″ apart) on paper and photocopy. Cut into strips and cut bottom edge on an angle.
Step 7: Fold the top over and mark (with pen) hole on cone top with desired location for second hole on cone.
Step 8: Connect: Thread butterfly wire through top hole. Line up tag with hole in body of cone. Thread wire through tag and body hole (from the top down).
Step 9: Pass out to guests for a darling confetti shower