Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Philippa Mackinnon Exclusive Offer

Lovely Philippa from Philippa Mackinnon Photography has been generous enough to give Florence Blue an exclusive 15% discount for all you loyal readers.
Philippa has a beautiful, natural style which you can get a taste for below.

Over a quick cuppa we asked Philippa a little more about her company and what floats her boat.

Tell us a little about you and your company.

As a portrait photographer, I take beautiful and natural photograph. Pictures that you will treasure for years to come. Shooting in a reportage style, I will capture you and your friends as family on your wedding day, as you know them.

If I come to your home, I encourage trips outside, games, lunch-time, tea-time and whatever it is you and your family would normally do together throughout the day.

If you decide to come to my studio, you will find toys for the kids, music and cups of tea. The key to a good photograph is a subject that is relaxed and enjoying the process.

What's your favourite part of a wedding to photograph?

The 'Getting Ready' part! Usually, there is some lovely detail to be captured - shoes, flowers, dresses.. And I love to capture the nervous anticipation of what is sure to be a momentous occasion. It's a special and intimate time.

What's the best wedding that you've ever been to, and why?

The wedding I enjoyed the most was my own! But apart from that, my oldest friends who had been together since the age of 18 got married in Cornwall in the most tiny and beautiful church sunken in the middle of a coastal golf course. Although it poured with rain no-one cared. We had champagne on the beach in the wind and rain, a boat ride to a sailing club and a small and lovely reception on trestle tables with daisies on the tables and so on. Small, intimate, all our oldest friends together. Such a happy day.

What inspires you?

Diane Arbus inspires me. The most amazing portrait photographer I know of. One day I will be rich and buy one of her prints. They retail at approximately 120,000!

What's your top tip for achieving great wedding photographs?

Blend into the background as much as you can for those unposed shots. Keep looking, don't miss a beat but give people space to enjoy the day without a lens constantly intruding. For the more formal shots that most people want, you've got to be fairly firm in your direction to get everyone together but the key is to create a good atmosphere by staying relaxed about it and encouraging people to enjoy the process.